Electric Karts Vs Gas Karts Vs Petrol Karts

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Electric Karts Vs Gas Karts Vs Petrol Karts

So you will no doubt have heard various different karting tracks advertising their use of different karts but what really is the difference between electric karts vs gas karts vs Petrol karts

Here we talk you through the major differences and the advantages and disadvantages of all three.

electric karts vs gas karts vs petrol karts

Electric Karts

Firstly the most obvious is that electric karts are green. Given that no fuel is burning in the engine an electric karts produces no fumes.  In some indoor go karting tracks fumes can cause problems with emissions causing vomiting and sickness and with electric karts no extraction system is needed to remove hazardous fumes. Gas karts do produce around 10% less emissions than fuel however can suffer from engine overheating which can be uncomfortable for customers over long races.



Petrol Karts

The other main advantage of electric karts is that there is much more torque. Many tracks will advertise speeds of up to 40mph however this can be misleading as you can only achieve these speed in straight lines over large distances like 200m and no indoor tracks have this length of straight line. For this reason electric karts are better at hitting top speed as they are simply on or off and will very very quickly take a customer to top speed inside a matter of second. Both gas and petrol karts will produce around the same amount of torque.

When it comes to electric karts vs gas karts vs petrol karts the only major advantage that gas and petrol have over electric is the range and length of time they can last. Electric karts will only last around 40mins on a full charge and then need to be taken put back on charge for around the same time. For this reason we have almost three times the karts that we can put on the track at once to guarantee every customer goes out on a full charge.

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