Exclusive Events

Exclusive Go Karting Events at Revolution Karting

Pit lane crew
Pit lane crew! Team building events available!


Exclusive Go Karting Events in London

For exclusive events at Revolution Karting we have various options which can guarantee you exclusive events on our track. With either Grand Prix format or Team Endurance we can customise your event to your specific requirements.

We also offer full food packages and even summer BBQ’s in our marquee which can be served up after your event. Alternatively you can pre book from one of our menus which can cater for any special dietary requests.

Book an exclusive grand prix for a Stag or Hen party, and the stag/hen races for free when you pay for 10 or more drivers!

*Saturdays only

Mini Grand Prix or Mini Endurance Event (Available Off Peak)
A quick adrenaline boost. A scaled down version of either the Grand Prix or the Endurance! *
10-30 Drivers£60
31-60 Drivers£PoA
61-100 Drivers£PoA
Full Grand Prix (Available Anytime)
Our most adrenaline filled exclusive event. You are a practise session, 6 qualifying heats and a grand finale away from crowning the individual champion of your group.*
10-30 Drivers£70
31-60 Drivers£PoA
61-100 Drivers£PoA
Super Sprint (Available Sunday-Friday)
An exclusive event for small groups (4-8 Drivers). When arrive and drive simply wont do. This is event is perfect for a small group of friends. The Super sprint consists of private track hire, a practise session, a qualifying session and final for all drivers!
4-8 Drivers£360 total
Endurance Event (Available Anytime)
An exclusive team event, based on the endurance style format made famous by the LeMans 24hour race. The team who completes the most laps after allotted time wins. Ideal for team building! *
10-30 Drivers£70
31-60 DriversPoA
61-100 DriversPoA
Prestige Package (Weekdays & Sundays)
Enjoy two full events in both the grand prix and le mans style team endurance event. (Includes Lunch)
20-30 Drivers£130 + vat
31-60 Drivers£110 + vat
61-100 Drivers£100 + vat

* time dependant on group size, must pay for a minimum of 10 drivers, price includes exclusive track and equipment hire.

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ packages from £12.00 + vat

For more information on our food packages call our sales team


Vegan options and special dietary requests available

Brands Snacks
£7 per person
Pizza Slices
Soft Drinks
Racing BBQ
£25 per person
Greek Salad with Feta
1/4 pounder Burgers
Marinated Chicken steaks
Herbie Pork Sausages
Veggie Burgers
Potato Salad
Minted New potatos
Mixed Green Salad
Crunchy Coleslaw
Garlic Bread
Soft Drinks
Brake Fast
£10 per person
Tea, Coffee
Fruit Juice
Bacon Roll
Egg Rolls
Formula 1 BBQ
£35 Per Person
Bean Salad
Pilah Rice
Spicy Bombay potatoes
Marinated Chicken Steaks
1/4 pounder Burgers
Beef Sausages
Veggie Kebabs
Mixed Green Salad
Crunchy Coleslaw
Veggie Curry
Naan Bread
Soft Drinks, Teas, Coffees
Hamilton Racing Buffet
£12 + vat Per Person
Pizza Slices
Crispy Coated Mushrooms
Chicken Drumsticks
Potato wedges
Tortilla chips and dips
Executive BBQ
£40 per person
Tortilla chips & salsa
Homous & Taramasalata
Minted New Potatoes
Hot Corn on the cob with butter
1/4 pound Burgers
Veggie Kebabs
Marinated Chicken Steaks
Chilli Con Carne and Rice
Tomato Feta and fresh Basil Salad
Spicy Veggie Couscous
Selection of breads & pitta
Fresh Fruit Basket
Soft drinks, Teas & Coffees
£18 per person
Pizza Slices
Mixed Green Salad
Chicken Drumsticks
Potato Wedges
Monaco menu
£50 Per Person
Chicken Satay
king Prawns in shells
Veggie Rice
Chicken Curry & Rice
Beef Sauasages
Onion Bhaji
Pork and Herbie Sausages
1/4 pounder Burgers
Veggie Kebabs
Minted New Potatoes
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Oriental Salmon Steaks
Crispy Green Salad
Chocolate sponge & Pastries
Coffee, Tea and bisquits
Soft Drinks

Revolution Karting (RK) offer a pre paid Boozy package for after your event, please contact our sales team for more information.*

Revolution Karting (RK) catering is a guide to what is available. Revolution Karting can change individual items dependant on availability. Likewise RK can customise menus to suit your events dietary requirements.* Please contact our Sales team for more information.
*Terms and conditions apply, a surcharge may be applied when customising menu, dependant on menu options.
For a one off payment of £300, attend an unlimited amount of open sessions for a year!!!